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Most of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is made up of volcanic rock and all of our dive sites are rock formations or rocky pinnacles! We don’t have lots of coral, but we do have lots of pelagic fish seasonal and year-round! All year round we have Eagle Rays, Southern Sting Rays, Whale Sharks, and lots of game fish!  For those who love to observe or photograph the smaller sea creatures, the Papagayo won’t disappoint; from Harlequin Clown Shrimp, Sea Horses, Nudibranch, Crabs and more!- we have it all!

Most of the year, our visibility is 15-30m and temperatures are about 27C-31C! When the winds start to change, so do the currents and upwellings; our waters can drop to 16C during the dry season but there will still be tons of life to see!


Local Diving

 Our local scuba diving is referred to as all of our dive sites that take less than 15 minutes to travel to from Playas del Coco!
All of our local dive sites are not only good for beginners but advanced scuba divers as well! Most of our dive sites have mooring blocks for easy descents and ascents! 
We offer, 1-3 tank dives daily, and Night Dives with at least 3 divers!

Catalina Islands

An accumulation of about 20 pinnacles, the Catalina Islands are known for herding the Manta Rays between November and May! The Catalina Islands are located 40 minutes from Playas del Coco and are home to White Tips, Nurse Sharks, TONS of rays, the seldom Black Tips, and huge Sea Turtles! During the months of July-March, we are visited by the Humpbacks and their calves, and what better way to whale watch than on your surface intervals? Spotting the Humpbacks out at the Catalina Islands are the best way to see them, as they zig zag between the islands.
Some of the best dives we’ve had at the Catalina’s are listening to the Humpbacks sing back and forth to each other; this is a bucket list destination.
Unlike our local dives, these dive sites have no mooring block or descent line, so we do categorize these sites as advanced! There can be some surge and current depending on the day! Rockdivers Costa Rica would love to walk you through your first dives in a little current and free descent! Just ask us!
2-3 Tank trips available 



Isla Murcielagos or also known as Bat Islands is located off the tip of the Santa Rosa National Park, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Being the first National Park in Costa Rica, these waters have been protected since 1971! 
If you are looking for an all-natural dive with Bull Sharks, this is it! The Bull Sharks come here every year to breed; 3-4 males following a pregnant female is a once in a lifetime experience to witness! 
The boat ride is about 55 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes from Playas del Coco, Costa Rica, depending on conditions.
Our twin 250's will make this ride smooth and enjoyable! 
Big Scare, Black Rock and Los Arcos are the top dive sites in this region; an abundance of life at all sites and insane rock formations, this trip will not disappoint. 
2-3 tanks available 


Whether you need a refresher course, want to get your Open Water, Advanced Open water, Discovery Scuba certificates and more we now offer online courses with dive hours through RockDivers!

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